Hickman 1034RR-ET 2013 National Reserve Champion Ram (Fitted) - 1st Fall Ram Lamb - NAILE

Sire: "Devil"

Dam: Mission Bell 6047

Hickman's Hampshires

Started in the late 80’s with 2 Hampshire wether lambs as 4-H projects, 9 crossbred ewes and a buck with undetermined lineage!  As the the years passed the kids decided the sheep were fun and they liked having lambs; Jim should feed some registered females right.  Off we went to sales and farm visits.  Within a few years we had a lot to learn and lots of sheep.

We re-grouped and decided what we wanted our sheep to look like in the early 90’s.  Jim started getting more involved and the kids were showing more. Today we have a small (30 to 40) select group of ewes that are from a small group of families and consistently dam: long, correct, attractive lambs with lots of Hampshire breed character.  We strive for being known for the length and correctness that few folks have.  Our ewes are productive and live long lives, weaning heavy lambs in 8 weeks.  We send some of our very best lambs to sales every year and have had 2 Futurity Champions in the past 3 years.

We may not be the best known flock in Minnesota but we have some super good sheep 40 miles west of the Twin Cities!  We enjoy visiting and meeting people and would love to have you stop by the farm.